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Our telehealth Wellness Program is based on our knowledge and experience in specialist recruitment, mental health, business and academia. Launched in March 2020, we had always planned for delivery to be telehealth-based. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, it shone a spotlight on the need for reliable telehealth services.

Sentio Health… why wouldn't you join?

It’s not a traditional employee assistance program (EAP). It’s easy to join, flexible and confidential to use, and a great way to support your staff and your customers. Our counselling services are also available to individual clients. Talk to your GP about a mental health care plan and a referral to our service.

We work directly with organisations to tailor a program that is the right fit. Our team of professionals then goes to work doing what they do best - working one-on-one with individual employees and managers. Our team includes highly qualified, accredited and experienced psychologists, mental health nurses, social workers, registered nurses and dietitians.

Take the challenge with us to build confidence and resilience in your employees. It shows you care about your people and shines through in the service they deliver to your customers.   

The Sentio Health team’s experience, means they also understand the complexities and challenges of working in the current and future Australian context, such as:

Working from home, which has been highlighted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Fly in fly out (FIFO)/drive in drive out (DIDO) contracts and rosters.

family and
caring responsibilities with work.

Pressure to perform/succeed and mental health/physical wellbeing. 

with substance abuse and

Career transitions, e.g. promotions, retirement, redundancy.

In addition to our telehealth counselling service, we are able to develop and deliver a broad range of customised training and development packages to support health and wellbeing. These can be delivered face to face or in online modules.

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